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Flexwarm Jackets

Flexwarm Jackets

Introducing Flexwarm – a revolutionary smart jacket heats your body and is controlled by your phone.


We were commissioned to shoot Flexwarm’s first campaign and create a comprehensive asset library to show off the various models of jackets on two models.


The shoot had many challenges – time is always a factor on location shoots but on this occasion we were sharing the models with a production team who were filming a commercial for the jackets so time with them was limited. This was time was made even less due to the surprising weather that Manchester saw that day – as it was a winter product, we really didn’t want a blistering hot sunny day but that’s Manchester for you!


Thanks to our pre-production planning, we were able to capture the many features needed on all products and capture these in a variety of locations quickly without disrupting the commercial filming.


The campaign was a huge success – the client sold out all their stock within just a few weeks of launching and invited us back to shoot next year’s campaign!